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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*


My thoughts

1.) Lori is a bitch

2.)I can't believe Herschel survived but I'm awfully glad he did; I think Rick is going to need him as a mentor and a comfort

3.)Lori is a bitch

4.)Daryl is going to become Rick's best friend and right hand man; he realizes that Shane's story didn't add up. He's a savvy cookie

5.)Lori is a bitch

6.)Rick did explain himself poorly, but I feel for him because the guilt of having to kill Shane is eating him alive and his ungrateful family is turning on him. Rick's falling apart because he has a conscience, and it's not like he's forcing them to stay. Not one of them left, did they?

7.)Lori is a bitch

8.)Hopefully Daryl can swing Carol to his side

9.)Lori is a bitch

10.)They need to find a prison to protect themselves


Shane tried to RAPE YOU, you stupid fucking cow! You whined to your friend in the flashback that your husband didn't yell at you enough and now that he's asserting himself, you're pissed off. You are every woman that whines that there are no good men but you reject a man who loves you because he's "too nice" and "not exciting enough." I no longer care that people call her WHORI. God, she is a terrible person. Have an affair with Andrea, Rick. Hook up with Michonne. Hell, hook up with Daryl. Anyone is better than that cow, Lori.

Lori is a bitch.

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