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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I find that season six has a lot of mediocre episodes, with an occasional moment of brilliance; the same goes for season seven. There are a few gems awaiting you ("Pathfinder" and "Life Line"), but I don't think there's a stretch of episodes in the penultimate season as strong as the four that open it.
I agree and disagree.
Yes, I find much of the middle of both seasons lackluster but I found eps. like "Pathfinder" and "Life Line" the lowest of the low. They reek of TPTB being so desperate to make larger ratings numbers by using star power. Instead of using those eps. for what they should have done, start writing again for the characters they already had like Tuvok, Chakotay or Neelix. Why give reaccurring parts to characters that aren't part of the show, when you have perfectly good ones in need of further development in the existing main cast?
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