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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

Normal Troy and Normal Abed, and Drunk Jeff and Britta made the episode for me. I found the end to be incredibly abrupt to the point that it practically had no ending, but it was an enjoyable ep nonetheless.

As for this whole ratings thing, way I've heard it the fact that they continued to make the episodes without interruption, are actually advertising the show for its return, just made a syndication deal with Comedy Central AND came back with the strongest ratings in a while seem to help light the fire for a fourth season. It will probably be a final season mind you, but seeing as they were only supposed to spend 4 years at Greendale anyway, I won't shed too many tears if it comes to an end. As long as it gets a chance to end on its own terms like BSG did, and not yanked at the end like Caprica and SGU.
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