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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

Clicked on the trailer.

Lincoln isn't just a vampire hunter but a supernatural being himself. Also, this superhuman likes to play with his ax before the, uh, blood (that's the ticket) spurts, doesn't he? Well, if that floats your boat, sail on, sail on.

The superstrength and antigravity antics aside, the accents are wrong, the scenery is wrong, the narration moronic, and mixing in real people in real battles with these testosteronal ballets jarring in the extreme. And the guy playing young Lincoln seems both pasty and flabby, which only fits with someone who has a seriously pervy interest in public display of the axe, not someone who can chop through a tree with one whack.

Makes me feel like I flunked a surreptitiously administered IQ test in a survey to see how smart people really are.
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