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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

I'm the only viewer in the country whose opinions matter to me, that's for sure.

SyFy has got too many shows that just go over the standard tropes: cop show, shipper UST, the usual stuff. I've seen too much of that, and I'm completely bored by it.

There are still ways to make even the old crap work - Awake is essentially a cop show, but they seem to be hitting on an interesting angle - but SyFy isn't making an effort to do that. They're letting other channels like HBO and AMC put them to shame with the quality of sf/f shows they are putting out there.

Looking over the sf/f pilots for next season, SyFy is not really putting forward the most interesting concepts. The most promising sounding ones so far are Beautiful People (NBC) might be only one. I guess I'll throw 99 Stories in there, just because AMC has a good track record.
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