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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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You just named the three SyFy scripted dramas I was thinking of. It's not like they have dozens.
Well, yes, that was my point. I listed all their current scripted dramas and explained why none of them (except possibly Haven) fits your description, which is really more a description of The X-Files than anything on Syfy.

I haven't been watching lately so just for giggles, I googled "warehouse 13 shippers," and lo and behold, there are a whole lot of people seeing stuff you aren't...
Why make this about me? It's not my opinion, it's right there in the scripts. The writers have been very careful to make it blatantly clear that Pete and Myka's relationship is strictly platonic. They even did an episode where Pete and Myka came under the influence of a memory-erasing artifact with dangerous consequences to a teammate, so before they passed out and lost their memories, they stripped and got into bed together so that when they woke up and found themselves that way, they'd have to investigate and find out what really happened because they both knew that it was absolutely impossible that they could've had sex. Not to mention that they've both repeatedly been shown to have romantic interest in other people, not each other. If there was any "UST" between them in the first season or so, they've long since grown beyond it.

Besides, shippers are always imagining relationships that aren't intended or wanted by the makers of the actual shows. Hell, the first shippers in modern sci-fi fandom were Kirk/Spock slash fanciers, and that certainly wasn't intended by the show's writers. And did I mention the example of The Middleman? In their online Q&A sessions, that show's creators kept hearing suggestions from the fans to ship MM and Wendy, and they always reacted with vocal disgust, because they'd clearly written the MM-Wendy relationship as a surrogate father/daughter thing. Not to mention Supernatural and the Sam/Dean shippers who don't seem to realize or care that a relationship between those two characters would be literal incest.

So don't try to pass off shipper fantasies as evidence of how the show is actually written. Because many shippers are so blinded by their fixation on good-looking actors that they don't comprehend or care what the characters are actually like.
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