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Dorian Thompson
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Re: Supernatural 7x16 "Out With the Old"

I didn't think it was so forgettable. I thought Mary Page Keller was a riot as the Leviathan real estate agent. I remember her from "Another World" back in the early 90s as the young ingenue. Poor thing's aged, but I never knew she was such a great comedienne.

I got a kick out of the cursed objects and the man destined for a porn induced death (perhaps they're Rick Santorum's curse laced magazines to fight porn as he's pledged), but it was a set up story for next week when there's a most welcome development.

Six days overdue and counting on baby boy Padalecki. Poor Gen. She's a tiny thing carrying ginormotron spawn. She must be tired by now, the poor dear. Darling I love you but let's get this thing the hell out. They're going the midwife route. Good for them.

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