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Re: F1 2012 Championship Thread

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If you're so bothered about giving money to "Darth Murdoch" or whatever the anti-Sky types call him these days, it's probably mentioning that BT and Virgin carry Sky's channel too, though I don't think they're any cheaper (though a lot of the naysayers seem more concerned with continuing their silly anti-corporate crusade and boycotting Sky on some hippie principles, than whether they can afford it or not), and they're probably only SD anyway...
I have a Sky subscription, but I do object to the only ways to get F1 being ones that would double my payment every month for a single programme.

I also, of course, despise the BBC's duplicitous stupidity in making this deal, depriving many of us of half the races in 2012-2018, just to stop Channel 4 giving us it free to air in 2014...
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