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Re: Star Trek London

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Hi Admiral Bear, Where did you hear that Media 10 were running this?
I did a whois search on Simples.

This event has to be a whole lot more than a bit of movie promotion for a film that won't be released until at least May 2013 anyway. Why would they advertise something as insignificant as that 7 months in advance, let alone advertise it at all when these things are rarely open to the public? While JJ Star Trek got very good reviews, we have to face facts that the film's box office was mediocre to average given its budget, and that the release of a Trek movie doesn't really carry too much buzz these days.

We'll probably all be wrong about what this event turns out to be. Unless it's a convention with some VERY big guests and James Darren doing a gig in a recreated Vic's Lounge, I'm not interested. I went to that Star Trek exhibition in Hyde Park years ago, and frankly it was shite.
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