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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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Aerys was still alive, they should've ALL been with him. And if they had already decided to take orders from Rhaegar over Aerys, then they were already all Oathbreakers so their actions no longer reflect the code of the KG.
Er, no, that's not how the Kingsguard works. They're sworn to protect and follow the orders of the entire royal family, and can be sent off to do whatever the royal family orders them to do (obviously the reigning monarch's orders supersede the others, but in the absence of countermands that doesn't matter). There are innumerable examples of that throughout the series. They most commonly stay close to members of the royal family, but have been shown doing other things all the time (Barristan's history includes a number of military expeditions where no members of the royal family are known to have been present, for instance).
There's the question of whether or not the rest of the Kingdoms would accept polygamy as a practice anymore from their Royal Family. In the past, I can see them accepting it because the Targaryens had dragons to force the issue but by the present they were gone. If the 7 Kingdoms all more or less decided that they would not recognize Rhaegar's marriage to Lyanna then that's that.
How is that "it"? The rightful Targaryen succession only matters at all inasmuch as the forces that believe themselves sworn to the rightful Targaryen succession and want to conquer Westeros for said right believe it. It's not an actual matter of legality, or something the Seven Kingdoms can contest; they've already gotten rid of the Targaryens, and will be forced to take them back at swordpoint. The question of the succession matters because Dany and other loyalists like Conington believe they're carrying out the legitimate succession, and if they found out that their candidates weren't rightfully king, there's a question of what they would then do. Dany, in particular.
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