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Re: Star Trek London

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The actual company that appears to be running the event is called Media 10 Ltd, based in Loughton, Essex. They have a good record of organising the Ideal Home Exhibition and Grand Designs exhibtion. In terms of reputability and integrity, Media 10 Ltd seem to be a million miles away from certain other UK event organisers.

Event most likely to be a convention of some kind. I hope whoever runs it takes note of what's happened in previous years ie no one turns up unless you get the really big guns out. Nimoy's retired, so that's one less of those guns. Fro me, it has to be a full TNG cast reunion for the 25th anni.
Hi Admiral Bear, Where did you hear that Media 10 were running this? I'm not sure this will be a convention as we know it (excuse the pun!). Mostly because CBS aren't in the business of supporting any of the big convention companies in promoting their events. If this is being paid for by CBS (and all the evidence so far says yes) then I would think it is some kind of promotion event for the movie.
The wording on the website says 'sign up to Starfleet' and I think it will continue with that theme somehow, tying it into the movies release next year.
I'm quite enjoying speculating about it though!
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