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Re: F1 2012 Championship Thread

If you're so bothered about giving money to "Darth Murdoch" or whatever the anti-Sky types call him these days, it's probably mentioning that BT and Virgin carry Sky's channel too, though I don't think they're any cheaper (though a lot of the naysayers seem more concerned with continuing their silly anti-corporate crusade and boycotting Sky on some hippie principles, than whether they can afford it or not), and they're probably only SD anyway...

...not that BBC One HD is much better than most SD channels, given that it's compressed into oblivion, particularly on satellite, presumably to free up some bandwidth on the transponder for all the needless variations of BBC One that differ only by their country-specific idents and twenty minutes per day of trivial regional news, or simulcasts of their countless ethnic quota-mandated minority radio stations that nobody even listens to on DAB or FM, let alone satellite.

I watched both the live Sky coverage this morning, and the BBC highlights this afternoon, and the latter just didn't do it for me. The commentary didn't work at all without MB, Jake/EJ/DC didn't seem like their usual entertaining selves, and the cuts to the race were just awful (though not as bad as the cuts on the qualifying show, which removed some of the most significant parts). Sky's show felt a bit unpolished and lacking in direction, but they've improved dramatically over the weekend, so I guess the producers and presenters just need more time to get used to the format (though the commentary was fine from the start, as to be expected with Ant/Croft and Croft/MB).
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