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Re: F1 2012 Championship Thread

I was vaguely hoping that, since BBC1 started the actual race on the highlights show less than 15 minutes into the show, that they might sneakily squeeze in the whole thing - but no, they've just jumped from lap 6 to lap 10 while showing the replay of Vettel briefly skipping off the track. Subtle way of cutting out three laps, but cutting it is. Fuck the BBC for giving up their exclusive free to air rights because they viewed channel 4 as more of a rival than Sky, (BBC: Which media outlet is always trying to do you down, fuck you up, and get the government to hamstring you to better them? Clue- it's not Channel fucking 4) and fuck Sky for wanting me to double what I pay them a month to see this live.

Oh. and the new commentary guy, Ben Edwards? He's rubbish. Incredibly false attempts at childish breathless excitement, that sounds nothing like...

ETA- I don't like the new Irish guy who's replaced the guy on the grid either
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