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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

74. Melancholia: (✩✩✩✩) - On Demand - When I heard about this movie last year, a wedding story set against the backdrop of a planet that's about to collide with Earth, I was intrigued. Well, I finally saw it. The movie is pretty artsy in the same vein as The Fountain. It starts with an 8 or 9 minute overture accompanied by slow motion images. These images are relevant to what will happen in the movie, so pay attention. When the movie was over, I went back to watch the overture to make sense of what was shown. Anyway, the movie starts and it's divided into two parts. Part 1 is called "Justine". It follows a young woman named Justine (Kirsten Dunst) during her wedding reception. Justine isn't handling the night very well. She's constantly retreating to be by herself, behaving erratically and embarassing herself and her family. Justine was suffering from a depressive mood known as melancholia. Part 2 is called "Claire". It picks up some days or weeks later and it's about Justine's sister Claire who's suffering from anxiety over the possibility of a recently discovered planet that may or may not collide with Earth. The planet is named "Melancholia". While Claire isn't handling the possible end of the world very well, her sister Justine seems to be handling things quite well. Want to know how the movie ends? Get it and watch it. I found this to be a nice movie. I was left to think about what I just saw and how the wedding fits into the later story about the collision. What I took away from this was that a depressed person is usually more empowered in situations where everyone else is falling apart. Sure enough, this is what the director intended to convey. This message is based on his own experience with depression. Penelope Cruz was supposed to play Justine but had to back out due to a scheduling conflict. Dunst replaced her and I found her to be not only ravishing, but an appropriate choice, given that she's been through a lot of the same problems with depression that her character suffers from. By the way, Keifer Sutherland is there too as Claire's husband. I enjoyed seeing him in the movie. My only nit with the film is Claire's British accent. Why does she have one while her sister doesn't?

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