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Re: VOY Fans and Janeway in the VOY relaunch books (spoilers)

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The reasons for Janeway doing what she did in "Before Dishonor" are explored (retconned?) in "Full Circle", quite effectively.

That said, Janeway was all over the place in Voyager. I didn't find her actions in BD any more OOC than "Night" or "Equinox"
I've read "Full Circle", and yes Kirsten Beyer gave a different spin on Janeway's death, but murder is murder and it looks to me like Batiste along with a very gullible Montgomery actually forced her to go out to the super cube with no Starfleet back up. They are still responsible, and one wonders, considering Batiste's story line, if he deliberately set her up to die, and given the story line she wouldn't have been the first Starfleet officer he arranged to disappear when they got in his way.

And by the way I too will order brand new copies of Kirsten's books if Janeway is brought back, but I will probably keep my used copies as I have the canon mistakes, errors, and plot holes marked.
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