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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

Night is when her demons escaped. There was no dealing with them. They escaped. fucked her up, and then she built a better cage and got on with the job of saving the day once she got distracted by all that life and death drama again.

Nothing changed.

(Which is why we got on exactly the same bus in the Omega Directive.)

In First contact, Picard was ahabbing it, Lilly called him on it. He says fuck really? My bad. Plenty more letters int he alphabet.

Everything changed.

(Although, he had supposedly put everything in order when he mud wrestled his
Brother in Family.)

In Time Squared Picard went back in time to save the ship, and his younger self shot him dead.


"You're a loser, you suck good bye."

Captain Janeway at the least short of murdering herself should have put Admiral Janeway in stasis and allowed temporal investigations to deal with her when they got home.


Icheb, was at the Academy, they could have asked him to lean his studies towards a career in Temporal Investigations? Bought the admiral out of stasis as a labrat until he was wearing his big boy pants enough to pwn her.
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