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I'm still going to get it anyway, I only played the first one a few months ago, and the second one shortly after that. I love the story, and the universe, and there are some aspects of it that I really think are even superior to Star Trek. And for me being pretty much raised with Kirk, Picard, and the others as proxy babysitters, that's saying a lot.

As for the backlash, like I said, I'll find out for myself soon enough. I was mainly just curious because a lot of the backlash I've seen seems, well, a little ridiculous. Many of the ones I've read, I get the distinct impression that they feel the ending was a personal stab in the back directed solely at them. I figured I'd as here because, while it is a trek board and we are all so very passionate about our various fictional obsessions, there's still usually some rationality to be found.
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