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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

31. Being There (B)

I first watched this movie in school close to a decade ago, and this is my first time seeing it since then (including one part the teacher fast-forwarded through). It's not really as good as I remembered it being, though it's still a good movie. Well-acted across the board; in particular, Melvyn Douglas and Richard Dysart are very good in supporting roles, while Peter Sellers' deadpan performance as the dimwit lead is very effective. But while it's well done, as a media satire it's only mildly effective - it has a decent point (when I worked writing press releases in an MP's office, I was constantly having to remember to rein in my graduate-level vocabulary to an eighth-grade level), but it belabours a single gag pretty far. Compared to something like Network, its near-contemporary (and admittedly that's a pretty tough comparison for any movie), it's not nearly as interesting.

Cinema: 7
Home Video: 19 (+1)
Computer: 5
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