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Re: Non Trek Fic: Quinn's Code (A Daria AU)

Story 5: Part 2
Thursday, November 10, 2005
Quinn met Cindy and Kristen halfway to school, near Cindy's street. “Hi, Quinn,” Cindy said.

“Hi, guys!”

“What's up?” Kristen asked.

“It's these modelling classes. That Romonica called last night and tried to get my Mom to put me into the classes,” Quinn said, shaking her head.

“She didn't succeed did she?” Cindy asked with concern.

“Of course not!” Quinn said. She then showed a whimsical expression. “Although, my Mom did tell her that Daria will be in the classes.”

“Daria? In the modelling class?” Kristen shook her head. “I'll believe it when I see it,” she said, with some curiosity in her voice.

“Mom said that she is putting Daria in the classes to keep an eye on Ms. Li. I'm sure she's planning something,” Quinn said.

“From what I have seen of your Mom, I wouldn't past her,” Kristen said.

“Yeah,” Quinn said in agreement.

“Daria cannot have agreed with that,” Kristen said.

“She protested, but ultimately agreed,” Quinn said.

“She must have her own plan,” Cindy said, wondering.

“You can be certain of it,” Quinn said.

“Daria, you are rather quiet,” Jennifer said as she drove herself and Daria to school.

Daria looked at Jennifer.

“A lot quieter than usual.”


“You're making me look like a chatterbox,” Jennifer said.

“Oh. It's just that my Mom has told me to join those modelling classes,” Daria said.

Jennifer lightly chuckled, but stopped when she noticed Daria's serious expression. “You're serious, aren't you.”

“I wish I wasn't, and to make it more difficult; Romonica will still want Quinn to be in my place.”

“She wanted Quinn in the classes?”

Daria nodded.

“But Quinn is as against them as we are,” Jennifer said.

“Doesn't make sense.”

“So why...” Jennifer began.

“Quinn has extra-curriculars. I do not. Therefore I have to join the modelling classes.”

Jennifer sighed. “I guess I will have to join too.”

Daria gave her friend an incredulous look.
“I was there, at the Mall of the Millennium, Daria. You were about to fight the executives...”

“And you think that I would do the same to Claude and Romonica...”

Jennifer nodded as she saw the school in the distance.

Jane jogged up as Jennifer and Daria entered the school. “Yo, amigas!”

“Hey,” Daria said.

“What's up with her?” Jane asked.

“Her mom has forced her to join the Modelling Classes,” Jennifer murmured.

“Bummer!” Jane said.

“According to her, I have to figure out what Ms. Li is planning,” Daria said as the trio entered the school.

“That would be interesting,” Jane said.

“Certainly,” Jennifer murmured.

“And so, we, like, shall be 'shoo in's' for the modelling contract,” Sandi said as she and the Fashion Club approached the school.

“Very good, Sand-di,” Tiffany Blum-Deckler said, said.

“Are you sure?” Stacy asked.

Sandi glared at Stacy.


Tori shook her head at Sandi's treatment of Stacy.

“But there is one more thing,” Sandi said.

Tori Jericho put her hand to her forehead. “I hope it's not about that geek!”

“Yes, the geek may be interested in the contract! We have to like, be sure that she won't get it,” Sandi said.

“Remember what happened at the Mall of the Millennium, Sandi!” Tori said, referring to an incident two weeks before.

Sandi glared at Tori. “Yes, I do, Tori. But I won't be talking to her.”

“How are you going to sabotage her chances? Tori asked, wondering.
Sandi developed a scheming look, and smirked. “I will have to like, figure that out,” she said.

Tori sighed.

As she went between classes, Daria signed her name on the sign up sheet for the Modelling classes. “There, it's done,” she said to Jennifer.

Jennifer signed her name below Daria's. “Same here,” she said quietly.

“Let's get to Class,” Daria said.

Tori noticed Daria and Jennifer signing their names on the sign up sheet. 'What are those misanthropes doing, signing up for the modelling classes?' she wondered.

Tori wasn't the only 'popular' student to notice Daria and Jennifer's names there...

In the period before lunch, Romonica entered Ms. Li's office. “May I help you, Ms. DeGregory?” Ms. Li asked.

“I have noticed that Quinn Morgendorffer has not signed up for the classes,” Romonica said, her tone implying that she expected Quinn's name to be on the signing sheets.

“Quinn Morgendorffer? I believe that she already is bringing honour and glory to this school as the member of three extra-curricular clubs.”

“She may be, Angela, but I believe she may have potential as a model.”

The principal noted the former supermodel using her first name, but decided not to take the bait. Instead she decided to offer an alternative. “What are you suggesting? That I make it mandatory that she attend the classes? But there is also the option of her sister, Daria. She may have equal potential.”

“Daria? But she is so plain!” Romonica projected.

“Ah, but that is just the image she puts forward. She's Quinn's sister. Her looks should be very similar.”

“No! I want Quinn. Make it mandatory, if that is what it takes! Otherwise I will withdraw the classes!”

Ms. Li narrowed her eyes at the modelling agent. 'Why focus on Ms. Morgendorffer when there are hundreds of other students, here at Lawndale High?' she pondered. After another moment she made her decision. She didn't want to lose this opportunity! “Fine! I will call Quinn Morgendorffer here.” She switched on the intercom.

“Very good,” Romonica said.

Quinn Morgendorffer, please report to the Principal's Office.

“What is this about now?” Quinn wondered, as she got up.

“It may have to do with the Modelling Classes,” Cindy said.

“Gah! I hope not!” Quinn said as she went up to the teacher.

Mr. DeMartino handed her the hall pass. “Come back as soon as possible, Ms. Morgendorffer,” he said.

“I intend to,” Quinn said.

“I know,” Mr. DeMartino said as Quinn left the classroom.

Quinn wondered about the principal's intentions as she went towards the office.

Quinn warily entered Ms. Li's office, still wondering what the Principal's intentions were. She immediately saw Romonica and knew what it was about.

“Sit down, Ms. Morgendorffer,” the principal said.

“What's this about?” Quinn asked.

“Straight to the point, that's good,” the Principal began.

“I'm missing History,” Quinn said.

“Right, It's come to my attention that that you have not signed up for the Modelling classes,” Ms. Li said.

“I'm not interested.”

“Nethertheless, I have decided to make your attendance in these classes Mandatory.”

Quinn was outraged. “You can't do that!” she said.

“I'm afraid that I can,” Ms. Li said.

Quinn wasn't ready to admit defeat, not by a long shot. “I'm sure that you can't,” she said.

“Any particular reason?”

“The modelling classes are not part of the curriculum!” Quinn said.

“They don't have to be. Attendance is mandatory.”

“Then you leave me with no option, but to call my mother,” Quinn said. 'She will know what to do,' she thought.
“Wait!” the principal said.


“Surely there are incentives I could give you,” Ms. Li said.

Quinn thought for a moment and then knew what to ask. “Why are you so ardent in wanting me in the Classes, Ms. Li?” she asked.


“Tell me, and I may think about joining them,” Quinn said.

Romonica spoke up “I talked your principal into calling you here because I believe that you have potential.

Quiinn knew what she meant. 'So that's it,' she thought.

“So you see you have to join the classes!” Ms. Li said.

“I'm calling my mother,” Quinn said.

“Go ahead,” Ms. Li said.

“Sure,” Romonica said.

Quinn smirked as she grabbed her cell phone.

Lawndale Offices of Vitale, Davis, Horowitz, Rhiordan, Schrecter and Schrecter
“...And where is that file? I asked for it an hour ago!” Helen ranted.

“He hasn't come yet, Helen,” her legal assistant, Marianne Kingston said.

“What do I have to do around here to have an errand run?”

Marianne sighed at her boss's usual behaviour as the phone rang.

“I don't have all day!”

“Helen, it's your daughter from school. She says it's about the Modelling Classes there,” Marianne said.

“I told Daria that she was joining them. Tell her to join them.”

“Actually, it's Quinn,” Marianne said timidly.

“Quinn?” Helen walked over and grabbed the phone off Marianne. “What is going on there, Quinn?”

Ms. Li has made it mandatory for me to join the Modelling Classes, because Romonica talked her into it!

“Go on.”

And that happened because Romonica wants me in the classes. You have to come here,” Quinn said.

Helen thought for a moment. It was serious. Someone was trying to force her daughter into doing something she didn't want to do. (Of course, she was doing the same with her other daughter, but that was her perogative as a parent.) “I'll be right there!”

Be quick, Mom, I'm missing History.

Helen got it. “I'll be there, bye!” She hung up the phone. “I'll be at the school, something important has come up,”

“Yes, Helen.”

“If anyone asks where I am, tell them that I'm at the school dealing with something,” she said.

“Yes, Helen.”

As Helen reached her car, she took out her cell phone. “Marianne, find out all you can about the New York Amazon Modelling Agency.”

Yes, Helen.”

Quinn hung up. “My Mom is on the way here. May I go back to History until she gets here?” she asked.

“Negative! She will be here in less than fifteen minutes,” Ms. Li said.

Quinn grumbled and looked at her watch. The period was just about half over. 'Good thing Cindy shares her notes with those who ask.'

Helen arrived at the school ten minutes after leaving work. After she had locked the car her cellphone rang. “Yes?”

I have researched the Amazon Modelling Agency as you asked, Helen,” Marianne said.

“Fill me in,” Helen said, as she went towards the school buildings.

“Now, what is all this about?” Helen asked as she entered the principal's office.

“I have made it mandatory that your daughter attend the Modelling classes,” Ms. Li said.

“Is this true?” Helen asked
“It is as I said, Mom,” Quinn said.

“Ms. Li, Quinn has no interest in attending the Modelling classes. According to the county bylaws you cannot force her to join them,” Helen said. She then noticed Romonica. “Ms. DeGregory, I presume,” she said with a glare.

“Yes, I believe that your younger daughter has potential. That is why I pressured the principal into making her attendance mandatory,” Romonica said.

“Pressured, how?”

Romonica remained silent.

Helen stared back.

“I said I would withdraw the classes from this school if Quinn is not in them!”

“You would follow up on this threat?” Helen asked, her voice low.

“I wouldn't make it if I wasn't prepared to follow up on it!” Romonica said.

Whilst this exchange was going on, Ms. Li looked on it with trepidation. 'Things are getting out of control!'

Helen smirked. “In that case, Ms. Li, if you continue to harass my daugther to join, I will bring a suit against this school.”

“You don't mean that!” Ms. Li said.

Helen's smile was all the answer she needed. If she had any doubts, they disapppeared.

“Fine!” Ms. Li said. She turned to Quinn. “Ms. Morgendorffer, you are no longer required to join the Modelling Classes.”

“Good,” Quinn said with a sigh of relief.

“What!” Romonica exclaimed.

“I do not want a lawsuit brought against the school!”

Romonica smiled deviously. “Mrs. Morgendorffer may not, but I will!”

The principal glared at the modelling agent. “If that is your wish. Nethertheless your suit would not bring the bad press that a parent led suit would. Still I beg you to reconsider, for there are other students with similar potential, including the aforementioned sister of the particular student you were after.”

Romonica looked to be in thought. She shook her head and said “No. Quinn will be in the classes or they are off and there will be a suit!”

“A suit you would loose,” Helen said.
“What?” Romonica asked.

“Depending on the contract, you may not have a leg to stand on?”

“And I suppose you have experience in this area?” Romonica asked.

“Close to twenty years,” Helen said, her voice low.

“The school has no legs to stand on!” Romonica said.

“I glanced through the contract before I signed it, Ms. DeGregory. I think Lawndale High has a chance against you. Now, if you are not going to reconsider, get out of my office!”

“You haven't heard the last of this!” Romonica said.

“Good day!” the Principal said.

Romonica turned on her heel and stalked out of the office.
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