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The vast majority of the game is quite excellent indeed - very effective, very emotional, very engaging storytelling. The game as a whole is a masterpiece of interactive fiction. The possible endings, however, are sadly underwhelming, and there are many aspects of each possible ending that can be downright perplexing in relation to other events in the game. Even with my disappointment, the game is still oh-so-very-close to being my favorite game of all time.

I bought a new iPod Touch tonight (4th generation, to replace my old 2nd generation one), and so I've installed the ME3 Datapad app.

Here a couple amusing messages I've received:
Javik wrote:
Thresher maws have gotten much bigger. Too big to ride now. A shame.
EDI wrote:
Shepard, when you have time I have another question for you. Actually, I have 1,623,058, but I'm pacing myself.

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