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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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BBT is competition for Community in the same way that Justin Bieber is competition for Mozart.

Besides, it beat The Office which had a new episode, I don't think it's a stretch that the ratings are pretty good news for Community. Six seasons and a movie bitches!
The competition is ratings, content is irrelevant, BBT will get renewed and Community is struggling. There IS a competition in that timeslot. And NBC continually gets curb-stomped, despite my wishing otherwise (I basically only watch NBC it seems! I'm loving the Community-30Rock-Office lineup so much!)

And did it really beat the Office? Is the "share" the number to brag about? I'm not really sure, but it doesn't seem there was much of a win, either way.

Communty 2.2 (rating), 7 (Share), 4.75 million viewers.
The Office 2.4 (rating), 6 (Share), 4.87 million viewers.
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