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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

^Well, in the preview comic, it established that the immortal Steward was the guy who gave Hammurabi the idea to write down a code of laws. So I imagine it would be along those lines -- events that we know, but with Steward turning out to be the guy who set them into motion.

And I really can't think of a Syfy show that fits your description, other than Haven, perhaps, which I don't watch. Warehouse 13 is the one show that revolves primarily around a core male-female duo, and their relationship is emphatically a brother-sister type of bond, with the whole idea of anything sexual between them being completely and profoundly off the table. Eureka had plenty of UST between its male and female leads for a time, but it's always been an ensemble show. And Alphas is very much an ensemble whose core character is an aloof sixtysomething psychiatrist.
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