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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Roddenberry's "brand of science fiction" returning to TV?

Benderspink has teamed up with Roddenberry Entertainment to co-develop the critically-acclaimed graphic novel series, Days Missing, for television and film.


Days Missing® is an accounting of extraordinary 24-hour periods of time that have changed the course of humanity’s evolution, but have been erased from human memory by a mystical and ancient being known as The Steward. These “days missing,” recorded in the annals of The Steward’s library, represent a lost human history that explains much more about who we are than we ever knew.

“Days Missing is another wonderful example of the kind of science fiction Roddenberry stands for—an exploration of the human condition wrapped up in an extraordinary adventure that not only entertains but challenges audiences to think, question and explore,” said Rod Roddenberry. “The depth of its characters and the relevance of its dilemmas provide opportunity for viewers to emotionally involve themselves in the story.”
So what, is this alt-history or something?

Sounds like everybody's brand of science fiction nowadays - Earth-based, easily shoved into a case-of-the-week format - but eh...might be fun. Bonus points if the main character is not a FBI agent/PI/cop.
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