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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x15 - "Inside Out"





A quiet, calm public park area on Bajor. Trees, flowerbeds, a central memorial created from one broken building girder set into a stone base. A public bench rests on one of the gentle flower-lined stone paths that wind through. It’s dark, a warm spring night that’s perfect for a clandestine meeting.

VAUGHN stands off the path on a grassy verge, adjusting the settings on a transporter enhancer module, like the ones we saw in 10x01 “Emancipation.” Once the settings are right, he switches it on, and the light on top bursts to life.

Looking around the area, he observes three other identical modules, set up in a rough square around the single bench. They bath the area in a gentle bluish glow – the only light source besides the multiple moons. The modules set up, he straightens his uniform, readies himself, and takes a calm, confident seat on the bench.

A few moments pass. Vaughn waits calmly, enjoying the peace of the area, the warm spring breeze. He’s in no rush. Finally there’s a tiny rustle, barely audible. This is what he was waiting for. Not worried - it’s entirely expected. A hand reaches out to pull a bush aside, leaving space for a body to step out onto the path. It’s RO LAREN.

She looks around the area, takes in the memorial, smiles slightly at it. Looking around further, she spots Vaughn sat on the bench, across the park from where she is, calm and relaxed in the bluish light. This is who she’s here to meet. She heads over to him. As she approaches, he politely stands to greet her.


Lieutenant. Thanks for coming.

He reaches out to shake her hand. She’s a little surprised by that, but takes his hand and shakes it. That done, he sits back on the bench and gestures for her to join him. She does, a little tentatively.

I imagine you’re somewhat
baffled as to why you’re here.

A private message, level seven
security clearance, asking me
to come alone and meet with an
unnamed person in a public area,
on Bajor, at night. Baffled
might not be the word I’d use.

You’re armed?

She pats her leg pocket. He nods, understanding.

A wise precaution. But I assure
you, you’re in no danger here.
And besides, these modules...

He gestures to the transporter enhancer modules...

VAUGHN (cont) well as sending out false
sensor readings to any listening
devices, and casting a transporter
scattering field over the entire
area, they also create a general
dampening field against energy
weapons. Your phaser is useless.

Worried, she quickly reaches into her pocket and pulls out the small hand phaser she’d secreted there. She tests it, checks the settings – only gets a dull squittering noise. Dead. Frustrated and confused, she puts it back away.

Alright, what the hell is going
on here, Commander? Why all the
cloak and dagger?

I need to have a very important
conversation with you, Lieutenant.
And I don’t want to be overheard.

Overheard by who?

That’ll become clear in time.
For the moment, I’m going to
have to ask you to be patient,
and trust me.

Not like I have a choice, is it?

Absolutely you do. That’s one
thing I want to make completely
clear from the start. If you
want, you can turn around and
walk away right now, and no
more will be said. I’ll be
disappointed, no question, but
I’ll understand and I won’t
hold it against you. Of course,
that also means you won’t find
out why I asked you here in
the first place.

I think you’ve been playing this
spy game too long, Commander.

Well, yes, I suppose I can’t
deny that.

But I’ll play along. For now.
What’s going on?

Not so fast. I need to ask you
to do something else first. I
need to ask you to make me an
absolute, solemn promise that
what we discuss tonight goes
no further. Between you and me.

Commander, you’re starting to
freak me out.

Promise me, Lieutenant. Or this
ends right now.

Ro is getting concerned – whatever this is, it’s obvious that Vaughn feels very strongly about it. She takes the moment it deserves, considers it seriously. This is not a time for jokes or snarky remarks.

Alright... I promise.

Good. Thank you. I apologise
for being so dramatic, but as
I say, the more we discuss
tonight, the more you’ll
realise why it’s necessary.

So tell me. Tell me what’s so
bad that we need to go through
all this mystery just to have
a conversation.

Vaughn smiles and takes a pause. He looks out across the park, tries to take comfort from the peace and tranquillity of the memorial and the gardens. He’s no more eager to do this than she is, but it has to be done.

I wouldn’t be so quick to dive
in the deep end if I were you,
Lieutenant. Because the fact
is, if I’ve made the right
choice – and I believe that I
have – then after what I tell
you tonight... your life will
never be the same.

On Ro’s disquieted response...



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