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Re: Supernatural 7x16 "Out With the Old"

re the cursed objects, I find myself comparing to the 'Rabbit's foot' episode. In that one, the cursed object was a McGuffin, but it kept leading them through the story from one integral plot point, to a ridiculously funny scene, to another plot point, to a ridiculously funny scene, etc.

In this ep, the cursed objects became irrelevent almost as soon as they were introduced.

It results in a very linear story. With the rabbit's foot example, the story interwove back and forth like tacky Celtic tattoos. "Out with the old" just moved abruptly from one scene to the next.

A good storyline is like using a laser pointer to get the cat to chase around the room. The "cat" is the audience attention, the "laser" is the McGuffin of the week. As the McGuffin moves through the story, it pulls our attention from place to place to person to person.

This episode lacked that, because lacked a good hook. It almost had us with the ballet shoes, but then they got put away, we weren't involved anymore, the "cat" got distracted and stopped following the pointer.

Personally I'm fine with the Leviathons, it is all about how the tale is executed, and in this case the execution fell flat.

I do notice that the boys are running almost completely out of allies (the woman sheriff is still alive), which puts them back roughly to were they were in season one. It SHOULD be returning them to those roots, a freestyle, figure-it-out-as-you-go road trip, but it hasn't grasped that dynamic the way Kripke did in the beginning.

I still like the show and there have been great moments this season. The leviathons aren't quite as charmingly evil as Crowley et al, but they are funny and engaging at times. Bobby's death and his episode with the Reeper was totally memorable. The lapse here is that the filler episodes are so completely filler, they lack any "HEYTHATWASSOCOOL" moments.
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