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Re: Infinite Regress - Transporter question

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Transporters sound like the ultimate weapon. Why couldn't they just dematerialise every little problem or alien species they come across?

Well, besides 'because the show wouldnt make sense that way lol!'
Sure, it could be over-used as a plot device, and kill the show, but I guess I'm just wondering why in this particular case, Tuvok didn't at least *suggest* the Logical course of action. Perhaps Janeway could have countered that they needed to learn more about the technology and the virus, as it might provide a defense against the Borg in a future encounter, or something like that. I think that would have been in keeping with Janeway's character, and the typical starfleet mode of operation - learn, learn, learn, no matter the risk. It's just they never even seemed to consider the idea of destroying it with the transporters. Seems odd.
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