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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

EMH: As chief medical officer I have the authority to relieve you of your command.
JANEWAY: You're not going to do that.
EMH: If, in my medical opinion, your judgment has been impaired, I can. And I will.
JANEWAY: Try it and I'll shut down your programme.
EMH: That threat in itself is evidence of your unstable condition.
JANEWAY: I am sorry, Doctor. I've been operating on instinct for so long I did not think before I spoke. I have no intention of deactivating you. But I won't stay in this mess hall.
EMH: Is that final?
EMH: Then you leave me no choice. Captain Kathryn Janeway, under Starfleet medical regulation one twenty one, section A, I, the Chief Medical officer, do hereby relieve you of your active command, effective immediately. Have a seat.
JANEWAY: How do you plan to implement this protocol, Doctor? Mister Tuvok doesn't have a security team, both the brigs have been destroyed, and with the internal force fields offline you'll have a hell of a time keeping me confined. You'd better grab a phaser, because before I give up command you'll have to shoot me.
EMH: You realize this incident will be noted in my official logs. By refusing my orders you risk a general court-martial.
JANEWAY: Compared to what I've been through the past few months, a court-martial would be a small price to pay. If we make it back home I'll be happy to face the music.
Not quite on par with Kirk's feigned outburst at Spock in Enterprise Incident, but close.
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