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Re: Bioshock Infinite (Bioshock 3)

Are anti-imperialism and anti-american exceptionalism messages really timely? Racism is bad? Really? I mean who do the creators think this message is for? Kinda seems like picking an easy target in order to create false gravitas for the game. I'm not saying it can't be done well but I'm doubting it. Especially because we all already played Bioshock where they did the same thing. A superficial and some what straw manny(this a a real term now ) criticism of objectivism.

I'll give some props for setting the game in a time period we don't often visit, but Bioshock wasn't nearly what I was promised in the previews Interesting moral choices like being an evil baby eater or uhhh not being one? Pass. Living breathing world consisting of splicers who ALLLLL have to die, and Big Daddies who might have to? Where is the living breathing world there?

I'll keep an open mind for this but Im hoping they do a better job than last time.
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