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Re: Supernatural 7x16 "Out With the Old"

And don't forget the possessed car.....

Though seriously, this episode was basically just filler. The type of episode that happens in each of the seasons, that slowly pushes the main arc, but doesn't stand on its own two feet as mythology episode (to use X-Files fan terminology).

It was just an ok episode in my book. A little too much humor, and the bad guys remain with the exception currently of "Dick" rather pointless.

Probably the weakest episode since the insipid episode with BEcky. This was just paint by numbers, and not awful like that episode was.

Seriously this season's biggest problems (besides Osiris, and Becky, and Spike/ Cordelia my God those were three awful episodes) the Leviatians have been villains without any bite.

Sure Dick is actually pretty descent. And some of the earlier scenes (the one that tracked them before Bobby finally discovered how to hurt them) and basically all of them in the 2nd episode have been good. But its been a while since then. And for the most part I don't care. I can't say the same about Azazel, Lilith, Lucifer, or even Castiel.

Really the meat of the season hasn't been the bad guys, its been how Dean processes all the shit that's happening to them, and how Sam deals with that as well has having Lucifer as a copilot. Those two aspects of the season have been really strong to out and out great. Even if that's the thrust for the writers (and it certainly could be, as the character aspects are what I personally have always liked the best), they do need to strengthen the characters in the black hats. And they need to do it soon.

So lets get to some real positives.

Hey Sam's being honest. Yah! More safety net getting yanked away from the boys. Yah! Some of the banter!! (remember I love natural humor banter, just not a full episode of it). And I did like the cursed objects, but I actually wished that was a little more explored. I love the kid's Hey that's mine!

Not getting a preview for next week! NOOOOOO!!!!!!! I hate, hate, hate my affiliate.

All I know is that next week better not completely cure Sam, because I will be pisssssseeeeeddddddddddd!!!!!!!!! Help him at least to function as a troubled person in society, sure all for that. But please, please don't wipe the slate clean.

The other aspect...lets just wait until next week to see how I handle that.
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