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Re: Supernatural 7x16 "Out With the Old"

I gave up on Supernatural a while ago but based on what I've heard about this episode it sounds like an homage to the late 1980s cult hit Friday the 13th The Series starring Robey, Chris Wiggins and John D. LeMay--where two cousins come to town to settle their late uncle Louis Vendredi's affairs and learn that he left them his antiques shop called Curious Goods-.

The antique objects can't be destroyed so there is a vault in the basement where the objects are kept and not knowing this they open it up and start selling them to people only to later learn the dark secret and that is where the series starts with cousins being helped by an older wiser benefactor named Jack Marshak to track all these down--there was even an episode during the series involving a cursed music box that made the dancers dance to their deaths.

This wasn't the first episode that reminded me of that Fthe13--that show also had a scarecrow and faith healer episode much like SN back in season 1.
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