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Star Trek Sirius

My name is Steve Neill and I have worked in visual effects for over 35 years now. I have always been a big fan of Star Trek and have had the honor of working on it more than once.

On TMP I worked for Fred Philips and made Nimoy's ears and did some of the other make up designs. Much about this you can read about on my personal website:

Last year I did a 47 part series on You Tube which documented my scratch building of the TOS Enterprise.

At the end of the series I had planned to film her and put her in space. One thing lead to another and a short film became bigger. I built an all CGI bridge. A real replica command chair and more. Much of this you can see on my personal website.

It ended up being a pilot for a spin off called Star Trek Sirius. The name of the ship and a pun as the captain has a beloved dog that goes everywhere with him.

The pilot is shot and cut. We are now adding the many visual effects. I'm sure some of you will not like it and pick it apart. That goes with this territory I really don't mind but the idea is to have fun.

BTW Doug Drexler makes a cameo you can see part of in the first trailer. He's an old friend. I'll stop there because this is getting quite long. Click on my signature to go to the site or here and thanks for looking.

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