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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

The season started off strong after we got passed the season premiere and that tedious 1930s flashback episode but ever since the winter premiere the show has just come to a screeching halt.

I've long since grown tired of Damon's bi-polar destructive personality with one week he is a good guy then the next a sadist screwing everyone in sight and harming people. Stefan's personal struggle has hardly been the compelling crisis the writers seem to think and him jonesing for blood gets a big yawn from me. Romance on this show has never been its real strength and the recent reliance more heavily on all the angst has really bored me to tears with the Stefan/Elena/Damon triangloe and occasionally bringing in Rebekah and now seemingly Matt.

I've always thought the show was at its best when advancing its infinitely more interesting plotlines but I have to say the revelation that Alaric is the serial killer due to the ring reviving him so often and the fact that Rebekah's search for the Tree[TM] stopped before it started was pretty disappointing. I'm afraid the writers have really lost me especially and after seeing Sage coming into the story next week--bleh--I can't stand Cassidy Freeman as an actress so being treated to that next week hardly excites me especially with the predictable sexual tension that is bound to crop up with her arrival next week.
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