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Except the Maquis -were not- the Federation's own people. They not only made a point of renouncing their citizenship, but then Eddington specifically began attacking Starfleet vessels and critically disabling two.
Admiral Necheiyv calls them "citizens of the Federation" in "The Maquis" The fact that they still are citizens of the Federation is the whole point behind why Starfleet was given order in tracking them down and not Cardassia as clearly explained in "The Maquis" & again in "For the Uniform".

I believe Sisko himself says that the Maquis had escalated matters to the point where they were now considered a threat to the security of the Federation.
McVeigh became a threat to national security by blowing up a government building. He was still a citizen of the US. McVeigh bombed the Murrah building in protest of the governments handling of Waco. Eddington bombs starships and poisons planets in protest of the Fedrations handling of the citizens in the DMZ. They're meant to mirror each other.

Do we have any reason to believe the people huddled in caves were -not- Maquis terrorists, especially given that Sisko was in the middle of being lured into a trap at the time?
Sisko implies it at the star of the ep. by stating the Maquis promised "these people" one day of returning home. He refers to the Maquis as seperate from those people living in the cave. Plus the folks we saw were mother with children & elderly. the Maquis nor Trek goes as far as having children as suicide bombers. Had they been terrorist, Sisko would have had them all arrested as threats to the Federation as per the agreement with Starfleet and Cardassia.

What would you have had Starfleet do in order to capture Eddington before he could poison additional planets? Use harsh language?
What any real life military operation would have done, end diplomatic solutions and blown him out of the fucking sky.
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