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Ugh. I really hate the way I'm being penalized for not having my old hard drive. They seriously should have had an option for people who played the game but on a different hard drive, to input the choices they made back in the day.

I mean seriously, with all the RRODs out there, how many people are going to have their original 360 from 2007????
That's something i talked about with a friend of mine who finished his game too today but who got previous saves (at least ME2, his first Box RRO'ed). We agreed that there should have been an option for people who only played ME3 to have personal choices done at the start of the game.. maybe with a special Spoiler mention to people who want to play 1 and 2 after they have finished ME3.

Have short cutscenes explain key plot points from the first games and then make a choice what you want to happen and incorporate these choices in ME3.

However it is as it is.. i just don't have the time as a man with a job and other interests to replay 3 extensive games just to see some different cutscenes in a game.. for that there's Youtube
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