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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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And here's my favorite J/C vid for all the J/C'ers of this thread (which is everyone but me and Spalko and of course the thread starter! LOL)
Oh gawd! If the Admiral even THOUGHT you were suggesting she liked J/C.... I shudder to think what retaliation she'd devise!

No offense but I really don't agree with trying to add overtones to a show that aren't there by editing...
Yeah, I get that way too sometimes. I don't so much mind the editing to suit your purpose, its the true photomanip's especially when badly done, that set my teeth on edge.

As for the whole idea re: J/7... again, I used to at that, and turned up my nose at those vids for the longest time. Then I realized some of them were just so damned sweet and their IS a segment of the population that does seem to have a point that their constituency is wholly under-represented in main stream media that I decided a long time ago to (as Teacake would say) "chill" on that point.

The idea of "subtext", is it or isn't it happening on Voyager is one of the reasons I wrote my huge fanfic novel a couple of years ago. Basically (from my POV) I was trying to show... "See this female/female relationship? THIS one is friendship, THIS one is Maternal, THIS one is sexual. See the difference?"

As for favorite J/C vids... I'm happy to report there are JUST too many to choose from for this true believer...

but THIS one ain't half bad!

Her SMILE at 0:53
Her TOUCH at 2:00
His LAUGH at 2:06
His GRIN at 2:58
Their HANDCLASP at 3:09

Damn, that B'Elanna42 does good work!

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