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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

But Janeway made a deal.

She promised the beasties that she would feed them Ransom's "ship" which is a question of semantics that there was less than the full compliment on board when they went to chow down.

ANKARI: They say they want the humans to die.
TUVOK: A difficult place to start a negotiation.
JANEWAY: Will they understand me?
JANEWAY: We didn't do this to you. We're trying to stop the humans who did.
ANKARI: They don't believe you would harm your own kind.
JANEWAY: We have rules for behaviour. The Equinox has broken those rules by killing your species. It's our duty to stop them.
ANKARI: Give us the Equinox. Give us the Equinox! They insist on destroying the ones who are responsible.
TUVOK: We will punish them according to our own rules. They will be imprisoned. They will lose their freedom.
JANEWAY: All right! If you stop your attacks, I'll deliver the Equinox to you!.
TUVOK: Captain.
JANEWAY: I know what I'm doing, Tuvok.
TUVOK: These beings would destroy Captain Ransom and his crew.
JANEWAY: What's their answer?
TUVOK: Your behaviour is irrational. We could find another solution.
JANEWAY: I've already confined my first Officer to quarters. Would you like to join him? Well?
ANKARI: They agree,
So really, she was either lying because her word is worth shit, or she had every intention of handing over the crew of the Equinox, and he situation just got out of control, afterwhich the beasties lost count and let it slide...

I've made the argument before that Noah Lessing was already dead when she tied him to that chair and tired to live up to her promises to the beasties to kill him. It didn't matter what he felt or what Noah had to live through before she killed him, because after she killed him, which she was going to do, soon and eventually, because her word isn't shit, he would be dead, and all his trauma would be moot.

So really?

How do you torture a corpse?

(Please. No instructional videos from Youtube. Thank you.)
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