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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

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I'm "prejudiced" and "dishonorable" because I disagree with your argument. I think that says more about you than about me.
Once again you're wrong. You're dishonorable because you aren't satisfied with disagreeing with my argument, but because you ignore my argument, assume you are correct and insist that your whims are superior to my judgments. Prejudice is clouding your thinking. Unless of course you're just making crap up, just because it amuses you

I think it's interesting that you're defending Janeway in an instance when even the show isn't defending her. We as viewers are clearly meant to be with Chakotay and shocked by her actions, as she's clearly being driven by rage and self-righteousness at that point and not reason. She locks up her XO for preventing a murder and threatens to lock Tuvok up for daring to disagree with her. At the end of the episode, she even admits that she went too far and that Chakotay might have been justified had he attempted to relieve her.
I highlighted "murder" in this quote because that's the only kind of argument you've made. Consider the recent murders in Afghanistan. Suppose that guy who has reportedly confessed had some buddies who stole most of the armory's ammunition then went on to continue the murder spree, while the local villagers besieged the base where the soldier who confessed was held. You assume that the soldiers in the base have an obligation to keep killing the
attacking villagers, even while the soldier refuses to tell where the others plan to go to commit more murders, and that letting the guy face justice is the same thing as murder.

This is not just absurd, it is geniunely contemptible. That's why this episode is trash. Moore couldn't see where Chakotay did anything wrong, but that's the sort of thing that shows what a scumbag he is.

I wonder what she'd have to do to appear like a tyrant to you. Clearly, deliberately allowing unarmed prisoners in one's custody to be murdered is not a big deal to you.
Lessing being killed is not murder but justice. The assumption that aliens (aka foreigners) can't demand justice is repulsive.
The people of this country need regime change here, not abroad.
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