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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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You wouldn't be playing very long. Cut out all that F2P action and it'll get quiet very fast, because I wouldn't pay to play the FE, and neither would many others.
Annoyingly Dan said in an interview recently that they're reviewing whether to continue doing FE series. Apparently, since going F2P they aren't seeing the player numbers they'd like playing them in relation to the cost of making such content. No bang for buck, so expect to see more "event" style content in the future I guess.
That's interesting as every weekend the FEs were running you had Server queues of 1600+; and server crashes due to player load that you didn't see during the week - and if you looked at the two FE episodes that either were in, or ended in a public social zone - the zone instance numbers were over 100 with 60+ players in most zones.

Bottom line: I don't see how Cryptic or PWE can claim the FE's weren't bringing players into the game because even before F2P - every weekend there was a new FE mission, the servers were bursting.

I think it's more that PWE doesn't like the OT they pay when FE's are run on the weekend and may think there's not a lot of profit as I guess the FE's aren't driving players to the C-Store; but to try and claim "not enough are playing them..." - Lol.
The forums called bullshit on it too, however I think Cryptic somehow "inflating" their figures based on how many transitional free players they have, and using this against making more than what we're getting. This means that there's a lot playing these FE missions, but compared to the overall player base at any one time, there's a clear and substantial amount who aren't.

You see, a lot isn't enough anymore, that's also why you won't be seeing a huge amount of work being done for the KDF either.
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