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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Yep Millar has stated a Hit-Girl mini afterwards that I believe is set in between the two volumes? Then one more thing is still planned but I forgot what Millar said it was.

The Incredible Hulk # 6: Wow. This was an incredible issue...and a big cliffhanger at the end. The cover for issue seven is a big tease, and would be very bold if Marvel had the guts to do it. I have a feeling that Doom might have a reoccurring role in this book, given his part in it so far, and now I think it is pretty clear Amanda is a relation. Jason Aaron is becoming one of my favourite writers period.

Scarlet Spider #3: This continues to live up to my expectations, it is rare when a book will do that, Kaine's supporting cast is rounding out nicely (why the hell couldn't Marvel give Ben characters this interesting when they tried to have him as Spider-Man?). This book is almost a What if Peter Parker became Batman? Feel to it lol. Kaine doesn't care about his identity being exposed because he has nothing to care about...I think I said before that this will probably change during the course of the series. The art work is great as well.

Well...we now know what is being done with Thunderbolts...they're becoming Dark Avengers.
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