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Re: Podcast suggestions

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My favorite podcast ever is Filmspotting. A spin-off dedicated to streaming movies and television was recently launched, Filmspotting: SVU.

For another movie podcast that's much more rough (i.e., less production and polish), I know the hosts of a small podcast called Oops, All Movies!. I also know a few people who just started a video game podcast called Co-Op Mode. For comic books, I know the hosts of Distinguished Comic Book Podcast.
I used to Listen to Filmspotting, took some time off, and now I'm listening to it again. Apparently, they got a new host, but the format of the show is pretty much the same. I enjoy it, and I also enjoy the SVU episodes so far.

I listen to mostly sports podcasts so I don't know if I can offer any good ones. I guess the one that's somewhat close to both sports and other interests is the BS Report (He even interviewed the President a few weeks ago). There are some really great interviews there, like the recent ones with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.
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