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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

Picard always stated that he was wrong and that the God of the Edo, by federation law was allowed and indeed expected and congratulated to execute Wesley in TNG Justice. His arument to the contrary was "You are right, now go fuck yourself."

But then if one says that Janeway should have fed the equinox 5 to the beasties for dinner, then she should have handed Tom over in 30 days, and she should have handed Tuvok over in Prime factors and they all should have gone to a concentration camp in Counterpoint for traffiking.

Somehow icheb figured out that Janeway taught him to respect the laws of other cultures, which is why he volunteered for execution after being caught tresspassing in some dick head aliens back yard, after the ship became threatened by said dickhead in Q2.
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