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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

Letting that headcase (this week she was a super headcase, usually: not so much.) keep her job was a 40 trombone parade.

She was not in a good place, and should have at least gotten a medical certificate before being allowed to resume duties.

When Equinox, ducked into that planet with the nasty atmosphere and Voyager followed in hot pursuit, which ripped Voyager a new one, I was aghast at how deeply she was ahabbing it. Janeway had three choices. Fire off a dozen torpedoes, which cannot miss at that range, until Ransom surrenders or dies, wait in orbit until Ransom runs out of food, power and water, which given the shit kicking Equinox had taken couldn't be more than a few hours, even after Janeway spent a day or two fixing Equinox up to spec, or you do what janeway did, cripple her own ship for no tactical gain what so ever because hot pursuit into a starship blender 'feels' good.

Janeway was emotionally compromised because Ransom betrayed her faith in the uniform.

Regulation 619: The commanding officer must relieve themselves of command if their current mission leaves them emotionally compromised and unable to make rational decisions
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