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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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You wouldn't be playing very long. Cut out all that F2P action and it'll get quiet very fast, because I wouldn't pay to play the FE, and neither would many others.
Annoyingly Dan said in an interview recently that they're reviewing whether to continue doing FE series. Apparently, since going F2P they aren't seeing the player numbers they'd like playing them in relation to the cost of making such content. No bang for buck, so expect to see more "event" style content in the future I guess.
Which doesn't add up, really. I know 3 people who spent $500 on c-points trying to win that Galor. There were a number of people on the forum talking about how they spent $200, $300, $400, trying to get the Galor. The dilithium exchange went down for days, and you know during that time people were buying c-points instead. So someone's blowing smoke somewhere.

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