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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

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Tuvix is the Kobayashi Maru of the Delta Quadrant.
Good way of putting it though I was personally never conflicted over the dilemma. There could be an element of "duh, of course they will be separated it's tv" at work there though.

And I don't think she would have let Lessing die. She would have risked herself to save him from the beastie at the last moment and there would have been a Trek speech about what humanity stands for.
Think about this.

Imagine I grab hold of your hand and drag the both of us in front of an oncoming truck that couldn't possibly stop in time without killing us. But it's all right if you die only so long as I died or almost died trying to save you come the last second after I stop holding you in place to get squashed? How heroic is it for me to simply stop holding your hand?

Do I deserve a parade?

This reminds me of a quote from Happy Days...

Fonzie "Hey kid, I think I know your brother."

Kid "Yeah, really?"

Fonzie "In fact, I saved his life."

Kid "Really? How'd you do that?"

Fonzie "I stopped hitting him."

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so to you, because Lessing committed a crime that means that Janeway is freed from the obligation to treat him as if he is still under the law.

She can do whatever she likes because her self-righteousness gives her the authority to do so.

Sorry, but I can't take that argument seriously.
TUVOK: I must advise you that under Starfleet Directive one zero one you do not have to answer any questions.
SUDER: No. No, there's no point in denying it anymore. I used a two kilo coil spanner. He was sitting at the impulse system control panel. Didn't even look up when I moved in behind him and I swung the spanner as hard as I could.
TUVOK: Crewman, I suggest you speak to counsel.
I've pulled out this quote endless times to remind people about directive zero one zero, but i don't think I've really taken in the full context of a word like "counsel".

There are lawyers on Voyager.


The Kazon were right!

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