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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Admiral. Chekov's fantasy rank in STIV.
B is for Bozeman (uss)
C is for Caitian
D is for Deltan pheremones
E is for Echoes From The Past
F is for Farrell. One of the guys who got into a fist-fight with Klingons on Space Station K-7.
G is for George Takei
H is for holoship
I is for Illiana Ghemor
J is for James Doohan. And for Jeri Ryan and Jolene Blalock. Again
K is for Khan
L is for Late for duty (which Paris was a few times)
M is for Michael Ansara who played one of the greatest Klingons ever.
N is for Noonien soong
O is for Organians
P is for Pets on starships, like Porthos for example
Q is for Quarks
R is for "Rear Admiral" Rom revealed Riker's rosy rump as the Romulan Rakal ravished Ro Laren
S is for Starship
Regal Entertainment Group murdered United Artists
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