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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

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I think a problem is Janeway seemed to be more intolerant of differing opinions then other captains were. Janeway gave Harry Kim a reprimand for getting a space STD, busted Tom Paris down to ensign for a year and half and had him sent to solitary confinement for 30 days. She also had Chakotay sent to his room during the Equinox story. Stuff like that made her seem like a control freak.
I've been around the military most of my adult life. Military commanders are control freaks--it is their greatest strength and most serious flaw. Those three actions were warranted, and I commend Janeway for not letting her personal regard for them to interfere with what she had to do.

I think it's curious that posters here seem to remember so clearly these moments of control, and forget the many more moments that Janeway acted out of compassion and sympathy for her subordinates. She let Chakotay take a shuttle out alone for his meditations; she let B'Elanna risk her life to go back to her near death experience in "The Barge of the Dead"; she let the doctor send his program back to Earth so he could help his creator, Dr. Zimmerman; she let Tom get his own little ship to play with in "Alice." I could go on and on.

Maybe the question should be this: why do so many posters on TrekBBS seem to think of only those moments when Janeway was most in control? Could be a deep answer.
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