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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

I love reading this board because I love to see how different folks interpret the same show. As far as the question 'Did Jenner tell Rick they were all infected' I take the Occams Razor approach.

- While its possible Rick decided it was in his families best interest to not tell them everyone is infected even though he knew that ; I think its more likely he did not tell them because he did not know. ( I find it hard to reconcile Rick suppressing that vital information, but also deciding its worth the risk to let his child possess his own fire arm )

- While its possible Rick was trying to mislead Shane when he speculated about the two guards being infected via scratches ; I think its more likely he was genuinely speculating.

- While its possible Rick suggested possibly hanging Randall to make him seem more humane, all the while intending to shoot him so he would not turn ; I think its more likely he did actually consider hanging Randall as he did not know he would turn.

- While its possible Rick forgot about the possibility of Shane turning in the heat of the moment ; I think its more likely he did not know that would happen.

- While its possible Rick shot the big guy in the bar a third time because he knew he would turn, I think its equally possible he was putting the guy out of his misery.
( regarding police training; the Two-to-the-chest, assess , one-to-the-head ; is usually a body armor drill. After the first two shots, you assess your target, ONLY if he is still coming do you move on to a head shot. The assumption being that the target is wearing body armor. I think its also called the mozabique drill )

I dont think any one of these points, taken alone, definitively prove that Jenner did not tell Rick that everyone is infected. However, everything taken together, is enough to convince me.

I think it really comes down to all of us having different hopes and expectations for this show we love, I personally don't buy into the 'Rick died and came back' line of thinking, but I have to admit, it does explain his surviving at the hospital better than anything else. I love the fact that no one is safe, it gives the show an edge that I enjoy. I feel as soon as Rick becomes 'The One' then him, and at least his baby get a set of zombie proof 'Plot Armor'. From there the show becomes a show about how this immunity gets turned into a cure, and ditches the will humanity survive Angle.

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