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Chapter Nineteen (cont.)

“Captain’s Log, Stardate 53753.3, USS Republic. The revelation on the nature of the mental and emotional maturity of the Nephkyrie has complicated matters considerably. Through the efforts of Counselor Trincullo and the crew, assisted by personnel from the Balao, we have managed to calm these . . . children taken prisoner. In regards, their mental state has worked to our advantage, as they have provided far more information on the Nephkyrie race and their technology than an adult in a similar position would have. Of particular interest is that not all of their elders are gone: Speaker Typhias and his inner circle are adult members of their race, amounting to less than one hundred aboard this ship alone. According to our POW children, there were several thousands of adults aboard when these ships departed from their home system long ago.”

“Where have those adults gone? Typhias has never told the children how they died, or why; but our scans of the vessel did not detect any signs of a previous confrontation. No external damage, no weapons scoring of the hull, nothing. We do know that Typhias was not a senior member of the Nephkyrie ruling class when this migration began—but he is now the leader of his entire race; and the children have no knowledge of how this came to pass.”

“Perhaps it is my own suspicious mind at work, but I believe that Typhias removed the other adults as they lay sleeping in stasis. I cannot prove it, but I have a nagging feeling in my gut that he murdered them. That would explain how a ship packed with refugees had enough vacant stasis pods to house the New Columbia colonists. But as disturbing as the mass murder of thousands of his own peers might be, for now, I am beset with the problem of retrieving the colonists while keeping as many of these children alive as I can. Through subtle questioning, we have a basic idea of the internal layout of that vessel, and the compartment where the Speaker and his council reside. And that information provides us with an opportunity.”

“USS Arrogant arrived three hours ago, under the command of Captain William Myers. Bill has advocated a full-scale attack on the alien ship by our vessels and Independence when she comes out of warp in thirty-nine hours. Fortunately, I have seniority over Bill and have overruled his proposal. That is not the case with Captain Salok aboard the Independence; and although Vulcans deplore violence, their adherence to logic may lead him into another confrontation with tragic consequences.”

“Dr. Talbot and the medical department have managed to construct a possible treatment for the Nephkyrie genetic disorder, although its effectiveness has not yet been proven. I have ordered Medical to administer the agent to ten of the prisoners, randomly chosen. If all goes well, we will know in the next 24 hours whether or not we can restore their genetic code without having them harvest the New Columbia colonists.”

“Commanders Shrak and Carmichael, along with Lieutenant Beck, have finalized plans for an assault boarding of the Nephkyrie vessel in the event that we are once again forced into action. However, this time we will endeavor to avoid the Nephkyrie children and strike instead for the head of this serpent: Typhias. Perhaps it is my sub-conscious desires projecting onto him, but his attitude, his arrogance, his . . . malevolence led me to the conclusion that he, and not these immature Nephkyrie, is the villain in this piece.”

“Computer, save log.”

Log saved.”
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