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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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There's a difference between being careless and being in shock. We haven't seen their history, but Rick and Shane have been friends since high school and they're what? 30-35 years old? That's a long time to be friends and partners on the force. There's a strong, deep bond there. Knowing that Shane planned to kill him and having to put a knife in his gut and twist--a human being who has empathy and who feels would be traumatized by having to do that. Rick's still human. We the viewers are just accustomed to Star Trek style stoicism in male characters. Rick's reaction is more realistic. He's not an army special forces soldier trained to stay "frosty."
If Rick knew that Shane would come back, he would have had that in his head while he was luring Shane in. He had to know that killing Shane without a headshot would mean he'd have to deal with him coming back. Sure, there's some emotion there, but you are not telling me that a guy who made the decision to kill his best friend to protect himself and his family, suddenly lets his guard down so much that his former friend turned zombie gets the drop on him.

I know you and a lot of the fans want "you're all infected" to be what Jenner said to Rick, but you're rewriting a character and making him act stupid to fit in with your theory. Isn't that what you complain bad writers do in other shows?

And please, don't presume to tell me what types of characters I'm accustomed to. You may be used to "stoic Star Trek style male characters", but Star Trek isn't my benchmark for character actions and development.
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