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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

30. Revolutionary Road (A-)

Mendes vs. The Suburbs, Round 2: Fifties Edition (or, alternatively, Part 1 of Leonardo DiCaprio's Crazy Dead Wife Trilogy). In which Jack and Rose reunite in a decidedly less optimistic setting (and considering their earlier setting saw a few thousand people die, that's saying something). Winslet and DiCaprio have aged a decade or so (though in Leo's case, of course, he's still got that boyish look) and are even better actors than they were on the their first pairing together. Winslet is better here than the film she won the Oscar for the same year; DiCaprio should have been nominated, but then, that's been the case a number of times. The scenario the film presents is impressively complex, and it's hard to say precisely how things should have been done differently (well, April should definitely have gone to therapy).

Cinema: 7
Home Video: 18
Computer: 5 (+1)
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